Baby No. 2

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I can’t believe we are almost a family of 4.


I feel like this pregnancy has gone by at warp speed (my stretch marks can vouch for that) and we are just days away from my due date. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that we could be meeting our baby at any moment.

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Josiah has never been a big cuddle bug but ever since I started carrying this little lady he has been g-l-u-e-d to me. I can’t complain as I am soakings up all the cuddles and hugs now. I have a feeling when she is here he is going to be a bit mad at me.

As my belly has grown he has been very curious and enjoys pulling up my shirt for inspections and staring long and hard at my belly button. As if he is thinking “something is definitely up…just not quite sure what…”

He has small understandings of what is happening but I am sure he will still be quite surprised when we bring home baby A. If I ask him to “hug baby” he will slowly lean his ear towards my belly and hug it. I love how cautious he is about it. Then I get an elbow to my belly button as he tries to scale me. I mean….I know my belly is big, but I’m no mountain, kid.”

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I feel so much anticipation…excitement…fear…as we wait to meet our little girl. Part of it is knowing what labor is like now and truly truly not looking forward to it. I am however looking forward to stuffing my face with all the delicious hospital food. They have got it dialed in people. Another (more important) plus is that I will finally get to see that little face that has been forming for the past 9 months. I am told that is the best motivation for keeping your head up…thinking about that little face you get to kiss when it is all over and done. And falling in love with this new person. I can’t imagine loving someone the way I love Josiah. That parental love is so indescribable. It completely wrecks you and puts you back together again. It makes you feel whole in a way you didn’t know you were incomplete.

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I am cherishing these last days as a family of three. These last days of just Josiah and I spending time together. I have been trying to get our room ready for baby and finally have it mostly together.


It has been fun to fold little pink things with bows. So here is to waiting when it feels like it will be for no time at all. Waiting on you baby A and trying to choose peace over this delivery and life change…and choose joy.



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My name is Wendy and I am an interior designer who is married to my hunky Chilean husband who is a graphic/web designer. I graduated from CSU Fresno State with my Bachelors in Interior Design. I met my wonderful husband in an intro to perspective drawing class. I guess you can say we were “drawn” to each other. Back in 2010, my husband and I began our house hunt adventure and he tried to talk me into starting a blog to catalog the experience, as well as projects I take on around our new house (that we got in 2015). So here it goes!

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