Annella’s Birth Story


This is the last photo I have of the bump before little miss made her appearance!

My original due date was November 23rd, but with each appointment that date shifted around and in the end they said November 17th…which is hilarious because she ended up coming on November 23rd which made me think she was 6 days late when she was really right on time. Fun fact! I was born on my grandma Annelle’s birthday and Annella was born on her grandpa’s birthday!

I had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions with her so for a few weeks I pretty much thought that I was going into labor every other night. Around 1am on the 23rd though I woke up to a significant contraction. I was able to fall back asleep once my adrenaline subsided and woke up  a few times but decided to ignore it. I wanted to get as much sleep as possible because I knew the zombie state that was coming.

Around 7am I started timing the contractions and they were consistently 10 minutes apart. I decided to get ready for the day in between contractions and started texting my doula friend Jamie with updates. As they got progressively stronger I used our exercise ball to work through each contraction while Andres was distracting Josiah. The sweetest moment was while in the middle of a strong contraction feeling a little hand rubbing my back and Josiah was looking at me with worry and said “ok mama?”

november2016 (149)

Around noon my mother in law showed up to watch Josiah and I told Andres I could barely speak and the contractions were so close together we needed to go to the hospital. He told me we should “wait a bit longer” and I told him I’d be in the car. We left immediately. Everything started going blurry with the pain as all I could focus on was breathing. We pulled into the valet drop off and they were backed up and I decided I could NOT WAIT. So I hobbled my way towards the hospital with Andres calling to me from the car. I remember having to pause during contractions and leaning against the entry pillars, then continuing my hobble.

I was slightly coherent as I attempted to scribble my name into sign in sheet and the guy behind the counter leapt up and got me a wheelchair. Luckily by then Andres was there and was able to answer questions because I could barely keep my eyes open. In triage I almost fell trying to get on the bed because I was so out of it. Fear gripped me as with Josiah I felt like I waited as long as humanly possible to go to the hospital only to me told that I was 1cm dilated. She checked me and to my surprise I was a 7! I was in transition which is why I felt like I was basically dying. Everything started happening very quickly and there was a flurry of people. My L&D Kailey was amazzzzzzing and so calm and level headed and I was SO thankful for her! I could make it through each contraction if I had Andres push on my back but I told Kailey in triage that I was ready for my epidural. Labor is such a mind game and I could feel myself slipping. It’s so easy to let the contractions take over and you feel like your drowning. She said I may be too far but she would try to get the guy to me in time. When he walked through the door I told him that I loved him and subsequently told every nurse in the room that I loved them too. The hardest part was staying still through the contractions as he placed the epidural. I barely remember a pinch from that needle.

My Dr. just so happened to be in surgery upstairs and came down to check on me. She wasn’t going to deliver me but since I was progressing so quickly she told me to start pushing with the nurse while she filled out some paper work and she would be back in a little. My head was spinning….how could it be time to push already? I feel like I just got here (flashbacks to being at the hospital for 20 hours with Josiah)…And where the heck was she going?!

I started pushing at 2:30 and Annella was born at 3pm! (On the dot!)


We were so in love.

IMG_8190 (2)

She was so tiny compared to Josiah as she weighed in at 7lbs 14oz. It happened so quickly I felt like I barely had time to process that this was really happening..and fast!! We named her Annella Joy and she was perfect ❤ Annella is of Scottish origin and means full of grace and mercy.

IMG_8203 (2)

She got some skin to skin with daddy while they stitched me up. Que all the heart eyes. Nothing prepared me for the feels I would have seeing Andres fall in love with our little girl. Puddle on the floor.

Baby girl had some fluid she swallowed and they had to mess with her for awhile to suction it all out. I knew she was fine but it was terrifying waiting for her to cry.

We got back to our room and the sun was glowing through the windows. It just didn’t feel real. We actually felt pretty alert and so much peace. I remember having Josiah at 1am and how we felt like we had been hit by a bus. We were able to just soak her all up.


She had a bit of jaundice and had to be on lights to clear it up. Poor baby hated it.

IMG_8254 (2)

Family and friends started dropping in to meet our newest addition.

IMG_8236IMG_8263 (2)IMG_8264 (2)IMG_8216IMG_8230 (2)

Josiah was thrilled to meet “Sissy” and he looked so ginormous compared to her.

I was so thrilled he got to meet her that night. Our hearts are full.


It was amazing what a radically difference experience it was having Annella versus labor with Josiah. I was full of so much fear and anxiety about going through labor again and I felt so fortunate that all those fears rendered false. She came so fast and there was so much more peace this time around which was such a relief. I am still amazed at what the human body is capable of and how so many things are as mental as they are physical.


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