House Updates- Part 1- //Outdoor//

I can’t believe we have been in our home for 2 years now! Sometimes I get discouraged at what we’ve accomplished and then I look back at pictures from when we first bought the place and it shocks me how far it has come.

Here is a recap on what’s been going around our neck of the woods as of late.


This is our lovely home when we moved in. Mostly everything was dead because it had been vacant for over a year during California’s drought. We thought of it as a fresh slate. It is more of a “more work than you can imagine” though.IMG_9673


This front bed was filled with sooooooo many rocks…….so many rocks.


Now on to the backyard! Looks like the plants aren’t the only thing growing! This was a month before Josiah was born! IMG_3360

The structure behind me had to come down because it was falling apart. Our hope is to build some sort of fun trellis there to replace it. IMG_9543IMG_9544IMG_9541

Some of these photos are horrible. I am way off on my iPhone photo taking game. Get it together Wendy from 2015!


As we started cleaning up the backyard, we discovered the center was the burial site of lots and lots of random things. Like cement blocks, a tent, a ceramic hand (CREEEPPPY TOWN), a mosaic fish, shepherd hooks, parts of a granite countertop….why. Just why.

As Andres dug he continually commented on how he feared the next thing he was going to dig up would be a body. The most perfect prank could have been played here….muahahaha. Missed opportunities. I’ll blame it on the watermelon I was growing in my belly.


More photos of the hole. IMG_3408IMG_3411


Before Josiah was born we were able to seed the lawn with the help of the Huckabys. ❤


Good job guys!


Next was two Redwood trees that were dead. One had a little life left but was growing super close to the house. Now you see them…IMG_1397

Now you don’t. Our yard felt so naked without them! IMG_1411Here is our grass slowly but surly filling in.



Our backyard in progress. Out of the abyss that was the hole in the middle of the yard, came tons of pieces of slate. Andres and his brothers placed them as a mosiac path which also defined where we would put grass in the back. I love the form it gave to our blank slate of a backyard. IMG_8758

The vine in the back is a pumpkin plant that went crazy! It was lovely to have so much greenery back there. IMG_8760



Here is the pumpkin plant taking over more and our peach tree that we planted (on the left).IMG_9585

Here is my cutie patootie with said pumpkin plant. This gives me all the feels. So little!


Jump forward two years and that peach tree is getting bigger! I cannot wait to try our first peach this year as last year the only two Andres left on the tree fell off and were eaten by birds. Sad face. IMG_2492IMG_2493

Don’t mind the blanket tent Josiah made. IMG_2495


Stay tuned for more to come!


About wendyhermosilla

My name is Wendy and I am an interior designer who is married to my hunky Chilean husband who is a graphic/web designer. I graduated from CSU Fresno State with my Bachelors in Interior Design. I met my wonderful husband in an intro to perspective drawing class. I guess you can say we were “drawn” to each other. Back in 2010, my husband and I began our house hunt adventure and he tried to talk me into starting a blog to catalog the experience, as well as projects I take on around our new house (that we got in 2015). So here it goes!

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